Richard Roth                                                                                

Executive Director

CTI Consulting 1984 – Present

Mr. Rich Roth is the Executive Director And Chief Operating Officer of CTI with over 35 years of experience in the field of security.  He has been a guest lecturer at the Harvard Design School on the effects of the September 11, 2001 and events on airport terminal design, as well as a speaker on terrorism and aviation security at the two Aviation Peer Review Seminars.  He is a recognized expert in both Federal and State Courts including California, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia and Maryland.

Mr. Roth has been a trainer for the U.S. State Department’s Anti-terrorism Assistance Program (ATAP) as well as for the U.S. Sheriff Association’s High Security Trials program.  He is an instructor on the development of security plans and procedures, and also conducts physical security assessments and bomb search and evacuation procedures.


Related Project Experience

Mr. Roth has served on the FAA’s ASAC subcommittee developing a universal access control system as a paid consultant, and as the CTI lead on the Gore Commission’s required Computerized Airport Vulnerability Assessment Program for the FAA.  He was on the founding ASAC sub-committee, which developed the original Recommended Security Construction Guidelines for Airport Planning, Design and Construction, and had management oversight of CTI’s contract with the FAA for the facilitation of the new Recommend Security Construction Guidelines for the Airport Planning, Design, and Construction Document.  For RTCA, Mr. Roth was on the original committee for access control systems guidelines as well as a current participant on the RTCA 199 committee for the new guidelines for access control systems, soon to be released.

Mr. Roth has conducted bomb blast analysis for airports, government facilities, and corporations.  During the Gulf War he was a speaker at the first FAA seminar on blast effects, when the original SCA 3 amendment was published regarding the 300-foot parking restrictions.  After 9/11 Mr. Roth was able to obtain exemptions for BWI and Huntsville airports prior to the Christmas holiday rush of 2001.  Since then, CTI has gained similar exemptions for over 15 airports.  Mr. Roth has also conducted bomb blast analysis for the Chicago Water Treatment System, Union Station in Washington, DC, the Hilton United Nations Hotel and the United Nations office building in New York City, among others.

Mr. Roth has been a member of the joint NSA/NIST Biometrics Consortium Committee and two of the key subcommittees.  Mr. Roth developed specifications and had oversight of the installation of biometrics access control system since 1998 for the Shearson Leemon corporate computer system.  Recently he developed the specifications and was responsible for the oversight of the installation of a fingerprint access control system for SunGuard, the leading disaster backup and web hosting computer company in the US.  Similarly he developed and had project oversight for the O’Hare Airport biometric access control pilot program.

Since then, Mr. Roth has had direct oversight of the development of the specifications for the new biometric access control systems for O’Hare, Boston Logan, Pittsburgh, and Phoenix Sky Harbor airports.  These systems have been designed as transition systems to be upwardly compatible with the delayed Transportation Workers ID Card (TWIC).

Before and since 9/11, Mr. Roth has conducted or had oversight of over 2000 vulnerability assessments on a wide range of facilities including the airports, ports, Federal buildings , schools, and a wide range of facilities including the Supreme Court and the Federal Reserve Board.  As an expert witness, Mr. Roth has conducted assessments of apartment buildings, shopping malls, and hotels. 

He has supported the Coalition of Airline Pilots Association subsequent to the 9/11 event, and represented the CAPA with the FAA Administrator Garvey and provided compliance support to the CAPA Executive Committee.

While with the U.S. Secret Service, one of Mr. Roth’s principal tasks was to conduct assessments of buildings, and special events that the President and the Vice-President attended, including the homes of two former Presidents.

Government Special Projects

Mr. Roth was the security consultant on the DOE’s analysis of the Former Soviet Union for Nuclear Sites in the USSR.  As such he developed reports of the Government of the status of their security including year 2000 compliance.

Mr. Roth was tasked by USAid to work on a U.S. State Department task to open up a border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.  As a member of the Special Envoy for the U.S. on Palestinian-Israel disengagement process team, Mr. Roth worked with Israel, UN, World Bank, EU and Palestinian Authorities.  Mr. Roth developed a security system that included CCTV, X-ray systems, microwave and fiber optic systems.  Mr. Roth was the last official U.S. citizen out of the Gaza Strip prior to the 2006 Israeli soldier kidnapping.